Healthy Home

STEICO wood-fibre building materials create a healthy home in many respects:

  • The soundproofing attributes create a quieter environment
  • The building materials are extremely low in toxins and VOC’s
  • The panels create a moisture breathable shell
  • High moisture permeability ensures steady air moisture and therefore a comfortable indoor climate
  • With water vapour diffusion, the likelihood of condensation is reduced to a minimum
  • The phase shift allows the walls to absorb heat during the day and give off heat during the night creating a constant room temperature

This product is non-allergenic, durable and 100% recyclable, making it a building material for future generations.

Thermal Insulation

Due to the low thermal conductivity of the STEICO wood-fibre insulation used, our panels:

  • Decrease heat loss
  • Slow cooling of interior air
  • Create a healthy indoor climate
  • Are energy-efficient
  • Are cost-effective
  • Reduce CO2 emission
Heat Protection

Not only do our STEICO wood-fibre insulated panels insulate against the cold in the winter, they also provide protection from summer heat with a minimum delay of 12 hours. This is known as phase shift. This means that the heat is absorbed during the day and released only after it has become cooler outside.


STEICO wood-fibre is very effective soundproofing with its dampening attributes. Our wall & roof panels create an insulating layer in the walls and ceilings protecting you from airborne noise. It also provides insulation for your floors, thus dampening impact noise.

Fire Protection

In the case of fire our Wall-System protects the house by creating a carbon shell, which delays the ignition of other layers. This in turn slows the spread of fire.

Vapour Permeability

Health is always of concern and the environment in which we live should be one that promotes a healthy and balanced indoor climate. The non-vapour retarding properties of the wood-fibre lower the level of condensation and create a more comfortable living environment. This type of modern construction provides the home with a breathable structure.


All wood product waste (insulation and studs) gets shredded and pressed into briquettes in our production facilities. The briquettes are used to heat our 10.000 sq ft shop and offices by an ultra efficient, fully automated high-tech biomass Viessmann boiler.

  • Increase the energy-efficiency and decrease your energy consumption by efficiently insulating your home
  • Prevent the need for air conditioners and keep your money in your pocket by making use of your home’s ability to store and release heat
  • Efficiency means added value to your home

Climate change affects all of us! Heating and cooling systems have become parts of every household. Plan to cut your carbon footprint by making responsible choices already in the building of your home.

STEICO wood-fibre building products are created from wood that has been harvested from forests that are managed with sustainability in mind. The shavings and chips that are used are by-products of the wood industry. The wood-fibre building products are made of raw materials which are then processed using natural additives.