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Wall & Roof System

Enerficient Panels Create a Healthy Home

STEICO wood-fibre building insulation, used in our panels, are created from wood that has been harvested from forests that are managed with sustainability in mind.

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The raw materials are mostly by-products of the wood industry which are heat treated to change the molecular structure and make them “bug resistant”. For binding agents, the natural ingredients of the wood are used.

Our wall and roof system is composed of these natural wood-fibres which have naturally occurring thermal and insulating properties in addition to vapour permeability, creating a consistent, comfortable environment for you and your family.

The natural wood-fibre board on the outside of our wall and roof panels act as a windproof layer, preventing thermal bridging. We wrap your walls and roof in wood-fibre, creating an insulating shell.

The result is thermal insulation with zero VOC’s and an energy efficient, consistent environment in your home. Further benefits include heat protection in hot weather, soundproofing, superior fire protection, a breathable shell. All of the construction material is 100% recyclable and made from sustainable wood products.

Our wall and roof panels are designed and engineered to assemble perfectly and accurately on site for a very fast construction time. They are manufactured in an indoor production facility to ensure a high quality precision product. Our panels will stay clean and dry, as they have not been exposed to weather during construction, like traditional “stick built” construction materials.